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Just 1 link, we show you the magic !

RevoChat is an AI that talks to your customer for your business. It answers their questions by itself. This way, you have more time to do work.


Use RevoChat and reduce 50% customer problems right away.

Want more people to buy from your online store? RevoChat is like a super-smart helper that finds out what shoppers love and helps them buy it, any time they visit your store. Get ready for a busier shop and more sales with RevoChat!

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Transform Browsers to Buyers: Maximize Profits with RevoChat!

The AI Customer Support

Online Communities

Building Strong Teams, Better Performance

Help your team work better together. Keep everyone happy and motivated so they stay with your company.


Boost Collaboration

Lowers Employee Turnover

What is RevoChat?

RevoChat is like an AI for your business. It's fast and always ready to answer questions from your customers, all day and all night. This helps make your customers happy and lets your team do other important work.

What can RevoChat do?

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Learning from Resources

RevoChat is a quick learner! It can read things like documents and websites you give it to get better at helping customers.

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Integrates Easily with Your Business Website

We give you easy code to put RevoChat on your website. Need help? Our nice team is always ready to answer your questions. We make sure everyone who visits your website has a great time.

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Chat Summaries

RevoChat gives you quick overviews of all the talks it has with people. This keeps you in the know without making things complicated.

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AI Human Escalation system

RevoChat knows how your customers feel and understand tricky questions. If things get hard, it switches to a real person to help your customer.

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Team Member Addition

You can add your own team members to RevoChat. That way, they can jump in to help the chatbot, making your customer service even stronger.

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Real-Time Multi Language Support

RevoChat can talk in many languages right away. This makes sure everyone understands and gets great help.

Plan & Pricing

Find one that works for you

Custom Solutions

Don't see a plan that fits your needs and you need more message credits? Our custom solutions offer tailored packages, providing you with the flexibility and scalability to meet your unique business requirements. Get more power, more control, and more value with our custom plans

We integrate with your favorite platforms


Coming Soon !

Coming Soon !


Coming Soon !

How RevoChat works?

Step 1: First, give RevoChat the link to your website, related documents or your store's info. It's like showing RevoChat around your business!

Step 2: Next, RevoChat starts learning from what you gave it.

Step 3: After it's done learning, you can put RevoChat on your website easily.

Step 4: Now, people who visit your website can talk to RevoChat. You'll have fewer support questions by half!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limit to the number of websites or documents I can use for chatbot training?
    Yes, the number of websites or documents that can be used for chatbot training depends on the plan you have subscribed to. Refer to the details below: Free Plan: Limited to 50k characters Basic Plan: Allows up to 15 million characters Plus Plan: Allows up to 50 million characters Elite Plan: Allows up to 300 million characters Please choose a plan that suits your needs best. These limitations are in place to ensure the quality and performance of our services.
  • How long does it take to train the chatbot using my website or document?
    The training time depends on the complexity and size of the content. However, our RevoChat solution is designed to be fast, with most training processes taking only a few minutes.
  • Can I update the chatbot's knowledge base as my website or document content changes?
    Absolutely! You can retrain the chatbot whenever there are updates or changes to your content to ensure it stays up-to-date and continues to provide accurate information.
  • Can I train the chatbot using multiple sources, such as a combination of websites and documents?
    Yes, you can train your chatbot using multiple sources to create a comprehensive knowledge base for it to draw from while interacting with users.
  • How can I train the chatbot?
    You can train the chatbot by providing either a website URL or uploading a document containing the relevant information. Our RevoChat solution will extract the necessary knowledge from the provided content and incorporate it into the chatbot's responses.
  • How can I get help if I encounter problems with the chatbot?
    Our dedicated support team is available to help you troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. Please reach out to us via .
  • Can I use RevoChat on multiple websites?
    Yes, you can use your chatbot on multiple websites. Each website will require its unique embed code, which you can generate from your account dashboard.
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