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How to connect RevoChat to Shopify?

Updated: Jan 24

RevoChat supports integration to Shopify. Follow the instruction below to setup the integration between RevoChat and Shopify.

1. Navigate to in the Shopify App Store.

2. Before installing the application, ensure that the email addresses used for Shopify and RevoChat are the same. If they are not the same, RevoChat will automatically create a new account or use the account that has been registered using the Shopify account's email address.

3. Next, Install the application from Shopify App Store.

4. You will be directed to the page below, click Install app to continue.

5. After installing RevoChat, you will be redirected to RevoChat's login screen (if you are a signed-up user) or the sign-up screen (if you have not signed up).

6. Navigate to the chatbot setting > Integrations > Shopify, select the Shopify store, then click Connect Shop.

7. Click "Connect Shop" to connect the chatbot to your Shopify Store.

8. To embed the chatbot in the store, select the theme for your chatbot.

9. Then, click on the Preview in Theme Editor button.

10. Ensure the RevoChat Widget is toggled to on, then click Save.

11.Navigate to Training > Shopify, select the products that you wish to implement in the chatbot knowledge. After selecting the products, save it, and the chatbot will start training.

12. Your chatbot now has knowledge about the products you have from Shopify. Go try it out!


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